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Toastess Coffee Spice Grinder Works Great!

Reviewing: Toastess Tcg 357 Silhouette Coffee/Spice Grinder  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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We watched a program the other evening about what would happen if man vanished from the earth. Of all the things that we live with, the only item that we have that would actually survive our abandonment as the earth reclaimed itself, would be stainless steel!

Well, my kitchen would then be one of the last surviving kitchens on earth if that were the case because I've gradually changed practically every appliance I own, to brushed stainless steel - and today, I added to that a Toastess Coffee/Spice grinder.

It wasn't my intent to do this however. I'd purchased a huge bag of some of the most exquisite smelling coffee beans the other day to brew the first pot of coffee in my new coffee maker (which is brushed stainless of course), but when I went to look for my old faithful Braun coffee grinder, I couldn't find it!

There were only 3 decent grinders to choose from and the Toastess grinder appealed to me the most. It's shaped like a bullet, oval in shape except for its base, a brushed stainless steel body with black plastic accented base, with a clear see through top that locks into place. If it isn't locked in properly, the grinder won't operate. Most coffee grinders come with this safety feature however, very few go the step further that requires the user to actually ensure that the top has been placed on correctly. This grinder has a small 'lock' and 'unlock' icon which requires you to place the cap on just right, otherwise the lock mechanism won't engage and pushing the button on the front of the machine won't result in the motor starting.

The cord wraps neatly at the base of the grinder, out of sight, and once wrapped it sits evenly on the counter. The grinder indicates that it can easily grind enough coffee beans to make a 10 cup pot of coffee however I found that it easily handled enough beans to allow me to not only make a 12 cup pot but there were grounds left over. Effectively I estimate that I was able to get about 16 cups from just one grinding. I was able to put a fair amount of beans into the cup holder where the sharp blades are located and when I was finished grinding, which took only seconds, after removing the top the grounds remained contained and not a single one was spilled. I particularly like this feature as even with my Braun, spills were not unusual. This particular grinder seems to have far more capacity than my Braun did also.

This grinder will grind things like pepper corns, allspice, cardamom, celery seeds, mustard seeds and coriander seeds. It advises against things like nutmeg, ginger, candies etc., but as I normally don't grind these types of things anyway, that doesn't matter.

My last grinder was used to grind all kinds of things including hazel nuts, smarties, walnuts etc., so I am pretty confident that this one will be able to manage that type of grinding job as well.

The grinder is stylish, fits into a very small footprint on the counter and because of it's stylish and sleek look, it's something I won't have to put away after every use. Instead it will sit near the coffee maker and look smart and unique til the next pot of coffee needs brewing.

This grinder is a very economical one, the price tag of just $15.97 puts it in about a mid-price range compared to all the others that are available. If this one lasts as long and performs as well as the Braun did, I will be quite pleased with my purchase.