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Tokyo Mew Mew Volume 4

Reviewing: Mia Ikumi & Reiko Yoshida Tokyo Mew Mew Volume 4  |  Rating:
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From the back: The end of the world as we know it - Ichigo and her friends are in for the fight of their lives. The giant cocoon is about to unleash a kirema anima that will destroy Tokyo, and it's up to the Tokyo Mew Mew crew to save the world! As the Mew Mews desperately try to find the Mew Aqua needed to defeat the monster, they encounter an unfriendly foe who threatens their lives. Will they be able to save themselves, defeat the kirema anima and resque Tokyo in time?!

This is the fourth volume of the manga behind the hit series Tokyo Mew Mew, which is a Japanese anime. The english adapted anime, which is called Mew Mew Power, only made it halfway throught the series, so for American fans the manga is the best way to go, unless you want to watch the Japanese anime with english subtitles which can be found on YouTube. The Tokyo Mew Mew series has 7 volumes and the second season has 2 volumes.

My opinion: The search for the Mew Aqua continue as the cocoon gets larger. Because of the cocoon Ichigo is very late for her date with Masaya and he waited for her all that time and they finally confused their love for each other. When the mysterious Blue Knight appeared things get even more confusing.