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Tom Clancy's Hawx

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HAWX is made easy, with a "note" of course. There is no limit on a plane runs out of fuel or ammunition runs out of the plane that should fret. But all are limited as if made with real time. On the players who imagine a battle between the game board, and easy to imagine this game will be played easily. This will be debated by HAWX game. Because the game in Dogfight truly made real. Examples are in pursuit of enemy planes have arrested, or chase the enemy aircraft. Originally must face each other, but at a certain distance shoot will make you surprised remarkably. Because the enemy planes will try to turn and rotate ago chase aircraft from the rear to release the rocket summer or rudal pursuer.

HAWX rely on technology from satellites Geoeyes, so that the land contours created in such a real and complex. Although not evident in the image detail, players can experience flying on a major city and more image detail than games similar aircraft. available with 50 different types of aircraft. Of course with special specifications, such as aircraft for the attacker, bomber aircraft, or a combination of both.

Hawx difficult to say this game is very good, or indifferent, because the game is not easy to play even difficult to tend. Do not expect that the enemy planes will appear in front of you and easy to throw its.

From the players, you get the value of XP or experience to get a reliable aircraft. Like what Hawx actual game play. Session is the most difficult game to play with the war between each other chase each aircraft (dogfight), enemy aircraft flying around the plane so that the players make it difficult to get track position to shoot. Isn't to lock the enemy aircraft, enemy aircraft seen in only a short distance is very difficult. Screen you will encounter the withdrawal is made somersault in the air. So also with time, in the very games Hawx require speed, accuracy and destroy the enemy in the calculation. Counts time is very important, or players must tucker with the emergence of the enemy who came to complete a mission

Relying on technology from the Geoeye create more realistic battle map. Because of the map using satellite data to create the surface of the earth as the original. But the actual value depends on the gamer themselves. Hawx is not a game that is easy, as the battle dogfight truly made difficult. And the calculation speed required to play a mature game this. Why, for example if the players just want to catch 2 or 3 enemy group. The first step that must be calculated on the nearest enemy to lunge. Consider so that players must be some other factors such as air to make a land attack to destroy enemy targets in the street once. On the other lunge enemy aircraft that come, and time should also be limited. Avoid the enemy's will only add to add more aircraft enemy came near, and spend your time to complete a mission.

Interested in the game battle between the game board, Hawx promising a good game. Although the lack of variation campaign provided. At least players can already imagine how difficult it is to be fighter pilot, and do not like the word "warning - - - - warning" that show the plane's Cockpit.


Hawx game to play with the best detail, the device is needed such as VGA, joystick and Processor best. At least with the specification that we try as a description below, the frame rate to reach 60FPS and 40FPS down near me, even though already disable HDR and AA settings.

To enjoy the full Hawx game, this game is optimized to provide a device with a joystick. With the mouse or keyboard control, hostilities Dogfight feel it is very difficult. Because the mouse to make the direction the plane will be less than accurate. Similarly with the keyboard, even the direction of movement to create a rigid plane and the plane's position to lose the enemy. Hawx is a game that requires expensive and enhancements so that can enjoy.