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Tomb Raider Last Revelations Pc Video Game

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By aura on
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Tomb Raider 4 Last Revelations gets Lara back into actual tomb raiding and takes her to Egypt to get an antifact before her once-mentor-turned nemesis Von Croy can outwit her. This game has even better graphic quality than the previous games and some new moves for Lara, including climbing up and down polls and traversing around corners.. However, this particular Tomb Raider game is not my favorite, for a couple of reasons.

First, one new move I'm not really fond of, though, is the swinging rope trick. Even though I have a walkthrough that explains how to do it correctly, I've never really been able to do it properly on the keyboard and have to resort to using save games to skip ahead just to keep playing the game. I especially hate the parts where Lara has to swing from rope to rope to get to where she needs to go: at this point, I don't even bother with trying to make it work since I probably wouldn't be able to get her to all the ropes without dropping her and having to start over.

Second, something that I found confusing and didn't like and others may too is Lara going back and forth between levels. She does this several times in the middle of the game, and unless you're an expert at manuevering these types of games or have a handy walkthrough from someone who is, you're likely to get lost.