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Tommy Tommy Review

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By ntmanning on
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Tommy was the first concept idea from Pete Townsend concerning the idea of a Rock Opera. To put it simply it is about a deaf, dumb and blind boy who lives in a world where the only point of contact he has is with music, he can feel it. Nobody really fully comprehends the amazingly complex storyline constructed by Pete Townsend. Even I was pretty confused by everything, and I just recently finished reading a book about The Who. Tommy was also turned into a movie starring Roger Daltrey as Tommy and Elton John also sang the song Pinball Wizard. There are very few songs here that stick out as being good singles, the closest are Pinball Wizard and I Feel Free. The real importance of Tommy is not the actual quality of the songs, but Pete trying to make rock a more viable artform by telling a complex story completely with an album of music. A novel idea that he succeded with and continued on to make a two disk set of Quadrophenia that was even better. However, a casual fan that would pick up Tommy would come away very unimpressed. I think they The Who's album Who's Next is much better than Tommy because it sticks with Rock and Roll instead of trying to twist it into a new genre.