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Tom's Of Maine Whitening Toothpaste

Reviewing: Tom's Of Maine Tarter Control + Whitening Toothpaste  |  Rating:
bubbacat By bubbacat on
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Just say "no" to Tom's of Maine toothpaste. Don't waste your money. Take it from me, I really, really wanted this toothpaste to work for me. It just didn't ! I started out with the spearmint flavor. I did not like the bland taste, so I tried peppermint next. I was just thinking maybe it's just the flavor. I tried and used two full tubes of the Natural Antiplaque Tarter Control plus Whitening toothpaste. So I did give it a chance. I still got that bland taste. I found myself licking my lips throughout the day, because it just plain made my mouth so dry! This brand was fluoride-free. It contained xylitol to help prevent plaque. Zinc Citrate helps to control tartar. Silica is used to provide whitening. Whitening was minimal. I even decided to try the brand with flouride and orange-mango flavor. It tasted and felt like I was brushing with orange juice. My breath was not refreshed at all! The one main point I want to relay: I developed a mouth sore from the so called natural ingredients. I have to say that I definitely have not found a Tom's of main product worth two cents in my opinion. The mouthwashes are nasty. The underarm deodorants are a waste. As a matter of fact, they make you smell because the scent does not cover up the perspiration. The scent mixes with the perspiration and makes odor. Please save your money and buy what you like, hopefully not Tom's. You deserve a quality product. I truthfully do not see how this company stays in business!