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Tom Tom Go 720 Go And Get It!

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When one hears the words "best-selling", one can't help but to think that the product is something that they should have had ever since it first came out, or simply "the thing to have" that would possibly drive others jealous (who knows) - in this case, that would refer to none other than the TomTom brand, for which evidently specializes in the creation of GPS (which is a more-used abbreviation for Global Positioning System, in case you aren't aware as to what the heck it stands for) navigation systems.

I had bought a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS that set me on a in-between impression as far as being satisfied overall with the brand, therefore greatly assisting me in making that decision of upgrading to an even more comprehensive, advanced that would of course be of a higher cost. I mean, at $149.99 (I find it funny how quickly the act of supply and demand stepped in), not getting myself one of these would have had simply been a crime, given the reputation courtesy of TomTom in the field of navigation systems. My thoughts were wrong, but that's a whole different story (not that the ONE is horrible or anything as it is anything but that; it's just basically the matter of "you get what you pay for"). As to the GO 720 that I had the chance of checking out in my friend's girlfriend's car, this was the point in which my perspective on the whole TomTom brand scenario as far as the navigation systems courtesy of, of course, from them, changed.

At the beginning, from personal experience, I had thought the whole reason behind the success of TomTom in becoming a best-seller was simply because of the "propaganda" (even though it does do what it says) and how people immediately "judged the book by its cover" - but obviously, I was the one who was the farthest from being right in the end. This GO 720 - which is constructed of a 4.3'' widescreen - in particular comes with Bluetooth capabilities, which is quite lovely, and especially just that for those individuals who just can't take their Bluetooth piece off their ears. Talk about "pure, uncut" addiction. Anyhoo, after a whole load of time spent on familiarizing myself with the product, I came to the realization that this one, unlike the Third Edition for which you'd see eccentric mistakes (few, though) and have you go crazy worrying, thinking that you're lost in the middle of nowhere, actually has the most accuracy you could ever ask for.

I absolutely loved it, and just by that and of course the size (never hurts to have a larger screen), I was convinced to go out and buy myself one of these and finally get rid of the one I had initially - that being the ONE 3rd Edition. The next day that was indeed to be, and during one certain afternoon, for a moment, it seemed as if this particular GPS system had it all - and even more, if that was even possible. It felt as if there were "unlimited features" that would just come and come right at you, and when you would finish your "exploration journey", there would still be more features on the system that you weren't aware of (unless, of course, you somehow found a 1000-page book describing every little bit in highly analytical detail of all the aspects of the GPS - how thick each corner is, blah blah and so forth), which I found to be quite amazing for something that's fairly small in size - that is, compared to, say, a boot?

The GO also comes included with the fundamental feature of text-to-speech - not just any "text-to-speech" - this one in particular happens to be loud and clear, just the way anyone would want it; pre-loaded maps of the United States and Canada with millions and millions (...and millions!) of points of interest which are stored in the system's internal hard drive, the oh-so-convenient feature of real-time traffic and weather reports (although these features are indeed included, they are only accessible through their Plus services), iPod compability, swift route calculations, the ability to play MP3s, view photos, and the one-of-a-kind benefit of having a text (document) reader that may come in handy at one point or another... but at this point, you can't help but to think that, as far as the "list", it's absolutely endless! Unfortunately, in reality, a navigation system alone can only do so much, but with that aside, there shouldn't be any reason in excluding this off your Christmas list (or simply if you're planning to buy it soon if your Christmas shopping has been all said and done) - and I beg to differ on that!

This makes, without a doubt, one of the most "perfect gifts" you can buy in 2007 with it coming to a close and of course, heading into the new year. Out of all the navigation systems that have been released in stores worldwide, this one is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the ones you mustn't live without if you travel a lot or tend to travel to different places - or for any purpose for that matter, in my own humble opinion given that you do indeed have the convenience of knowing where to go without ever getting lost ever again, therefore having a reason to forget about the possibility of doing just that every time you're out on the road. With that being said, this device eliminates that concern and the worries that occur all the time within an individual - and not just that; permanently. So if you already haven't done so and are either looking for the utmost quality in today's navigation systems that will be there, for you, waiting for years and years to come to be utilized and ready on the go (hence the name; no pun intended) or simply to buy it for a loved one - then I think its safe to say that you're absolutely covered in making the "perfect" choice!