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Toni Brattin's Tan Secret

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Anyone who knows me is aware what a full-fledged beauty product junkie I am. I'll try anything once...sometimes twice! Cosmetics, moisturizers, hair products...I love it all! So while flipping TV channels one day, I stopped long enough to watch a demo of Toni Brattin's Tan Secret on HSN. I sat through Toni applying this tinted self-tanning gel on the pasty white leg of an in-studio model, instantly turning that leg a gorgeous bronze. Then she worked her magic on several others in the studio, including the host. The application looked simple, and I loved the idea of immediate gratification results. Well, of course you KNOW what I did next! I ordered some! When it arrived in the mail, I set about preparing myself to tan. I took a shower and exfoliated the heck outta myself....one needs a good canvas, right? I toweled off, donned one of the 2 sets of gloves included in my shipment, and began to apply the gel. I was pretty happy that the tint of the gel made it very easy to see where I'd done versus where I'd missed. The whole process took about 20 minutes. Once I was satisfied that I had applied and blended sufficiently, I waited another 15 minutes before I got pajama'd and went to bed.

I awoke to find myself sporting a healthy, even glow. Excellent! Even better, there were no telltale self-tanner splotches on my pajamas or bed sheets. I did notice the faintest smell of self-tanner, but that's pretty much par for the course with all self-tanners, in my experience.

I was so happy with my initial results that I got a bit carried away and reapplied every day for the next several days. Mistake! I am too fair-skinned to use this product more than 3 times a week. But even using this tanner only twice a week, I can maintain a natural-looking healthy "tan" without any sun damage.

Despite my skin's tendency to break out or get rashy, I get no adverse reaction from this product. And even though my regular facial cleanser contains exfoliants, the tan on my face lasts several days.

If you're thinking about trying this product, I say give it a whirl!