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Tons Of Features Make A Great Handheld

Reviewing: Sony Psp Slim  |  Rating:
By dcstriker on
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The market for gaming has now surpassed the movie industry in terms of profit. Some companies, such as Sony, straddle both markets and seek profit in both. To help do so, Sony has released their Playstation Portable, or PSP-a portable media wonder device. At the time of this review, there is now a new, slimmer model of the PSP, and that's the one I will be reviewing. And now, for the pros and cons of the handheld.


This thing nearly does everything. Once can watch movies, listen to music, view pictures, browse the Internet, listen to Internet Radio, access RSS feeds, and play games. It really is a media wonder device. Sony also sells UMD movies to watch from the disc drive of the PSP itself.

The PSP is quite a powerful machine for its size. The graphics on most games are either Playstation 2-quality or better, and run quite smooth. The PSP also features a beautiful 480x272 widescreen color LCD display. Battery life is quite good, too, with 5-6 hours of gaming or more.

Sony also updates the firmware rather frequently. Firmware updates add more features, fix problems, and make things more user-friendly. The Internet Radio and Internet browser all have come to exist due to firmware updates. The PSP literally keeps getting better and better.

The library of games is growing, as well. There are many titles to choose from, including some Playstation 2 franchises that have made the trek over to PSP. Sony also has allowed people to purchase content for the PSP over the Playstation Network on the Playstation 3. There is also a ton of functionality to be found with a Playstation 3 and the PSP, as well. People can access their media from their Playstation 3 via Wi-Fi around the globe, all through their PSP. Watch a movie, listen to some tunes, or even play a video game on your Playstation 3 through your PSP!


The UMD format used for the PSP is mostly dead. Movie studios have cut support for it, and some retailers have stopped carrying the UMD movies for PSP. People can still place videos and movies on their memory stick for the PSP, though.

A computer is required for media transfer. There are a lot of tutorials for the PSP on Sony's website that can walk a user through the process. It's not as user-friendly as some people hoped for, but it works.

Prices on accessories can range from expensive to ridiculous. Sony-branded accessories are notoriously priced high. A replacement AC adaptor to charge the system costs $34.99US. Games can range in price, but most everything for the PSP is quite pricey.

All in all, I'm glad I own one. Paired with my Playstation 3, it's by far the most useful console I own. After the initial learning curve, the PSP has proven itself time and time again to be worth the money. I highly suggest purchasing one.