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Too Intense For A Novice

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Cameron Eittreim By Cameron Eittreim on
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I purchased the Body Rev Perfect Pushup rotating pushup handles because they promised to get you ripped in 30 days; the package came complete with a workout guide and two rotating handles. Well after thirty days I can successfully say that I haven't seen any real results, mind you that I followed the course instructions. Claims of becoming ripped in 30 days really makes me angry because I'm sure a lot of people fell for this claim and ordered this product, I actually got better results using old fashion push up bars. I originally thought the concept of these could really work, it says they rotate your arm in the motion of a punch; I think this is deceiving because I actually ended up twisting my back. These provide an intense work out that really burns before you make it to three push ups, and I'm in great shape so doing these should be easy, and ordinarily I can do around sixty push ups. My major gripe with these is the fact that they are very intense and it work take a muscleman to pull using these off effectively. The Navy seal inspired workouts are great if you are in the navy or preparing to enter a military career, I think a trained military professional could probably use these without any trouble.

The workout system itself is supposed to work you abs, triceps, and biceps. My abs didn't see any results except for my chest which is noticeably better looking then before I started using these. My arms are somewhat sculpted but I didn't really feel any results, and overall I don't really look any bigger like the product promises to do. The workout system is relatively easy to understand, you have the standard push up position, wide position, and chair position which is basically a more intense standard.

The sets range from eight to fifty which is pretty generic in work out terms, I find with these I can only pull off eight sets before I get exhausted, which is a real downfall with this product unless you have steroids or an energy drink. I also find that the wide position can be very dangerous for your back so I wouldn't advice doing these if you haven't been trained in fitness. The ball Baring movement seems to move pretty smooth, yet when I use these on wood or tile they seem to feel unstable, even though they recommend using these on a flat surface.

Body rev offers a perfect pushup workout DVD which I think would be great but it is sold separately, and I think it should be included with the perfect pushups. Body rev has also recently released the Perfect pushup portable, which are similar to the original models except they are made of metal where the originals are made of plastic. The plastic is quite durable but I wouldn't recommend using these if the plastic starts to crack, also I don't think these would support a three hundred pound man as the can barely support a one hundred and twenty pound man.

Overall I think that these are way too intense for most people and I would just recommend purchasing standard push up bars, I think you will save money and get better results in a quicker time frame. I think the perfect pushup product could have been made better and more comfortable for the average user.