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Toonstorm Services Review

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By Francis Naud on
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Well, I had this crappy WARHAMMER account laying around... We know it's a dead game.

Well, I just traded in to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for... 21$!

Seems low? Not really. This account was a level 30. It was crap. They offered me 21$. What more could I say?

The operators are very professional, patient and helpful.

I didn't know my SQA question, since Mythic has horrible account mangement. I told my operator, Crystal, and she even pulled up the phone number to call them, and ask what it is. (assuming it's a she.)

Even still, I decided to test my operator. I gave them the wrong password. () She, or he, spent about...30 minutes trying to make it work. Telling me to verify the correct login. I repeatedly said that I was sure it was the right thing and logged in fine with account mangement. She still insisted. 30 minutes later, she was still patient and still tried. I decided to give up the game, and change the password so she can get on and check.

Then, I told her I have some real life issuse to handle. BRB 20 minutes. She said "Sure, just let me know when you come back." I came back 30 minutes later, lol. And she greeted me with a welcome back.

This operator is awesome. Seriously. No macros, well other then the process to submit the form, and all that junk.

Soon after we made the deal, shook on it, and crossed our pinkies. She had a security person call me up.

Honestly, all my paypal information was fake. I was a fake person, with the same last name. But, this doesn't matter. They check your house hold last name, and such.

The guy who spoke to me had probably an indian accent? Small one. He couldn't say my fake name correctly lol. But he was pretty American. While on the phone, they record it. Made me nervous. Kinda. No. Not really. When they asked me my age... I said 17. Because, I had a fake first name. And I had to live with parents. (Actually, I am 17. Haha.) then he paused...probably a "what..?" look on his face. He asked me for my school, personal details. Didn't ask for an adult, because 17 is almost legal age.

(Btw. This doesn't even matter. If you know your legal rights all this is just a scare tactic...or even blackmail...)

Wow, look at this review. I'm sorry for the long story. I guess I enjoy typing a nice boring story.

Longstory short:

Everything went fine. For now. Will update within weeks if they decide to take money back.

Customer Support/Operator: 10/10. No broken english. minimal macro.

Quality: 10/10

Over-Secure-For-Legit-Trade: 10/10. They seriously want no scamming.

Overall: 9/10. I never give out a 10/10 in an overall.

Amazing operators. Personally, customer service makes or breaks a company.