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Tooth Brushing Wars Use Crest Spin Brush

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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Are you still battling with your child over brushing their teeth regularly? Crest's Spiderman SpinBrush did the trick for my little grandson and perhaps this figure or another one will work for your child. This brush has the 3-d figure of a superhero on the handle so kids will have fun while brushing. There are fixed and moving bristles as well a the new rotation-oscillation technology which help to fight plaque. Another good feature is that the brush head is smaller therefore it can fit into smaller mouths. Brush time turns into fun time and the kids will brush longer.

My little grandson has had his teeth brushed since he was very young. He is now nineteen months old and continues to have his teeth brushed. It has always been a battle to get the toothbrush into his mouth but since we bought the SpiderMan SpinBrush, he is happy to see his superhero, "Spiderman." I will not tell a lie and say that we do not face those moments when he runs away when he sees the toothbrush, but it has become a lot easier. Mommy or daddy holds him on their lap and they brush away with the brush. My grandson gets to watch the vibrating figure all the while getting his teeth brushed. He likes to play with the brush for a bit after the hard part is done. This brush makes it fun for him while teaching him good teeth brushing.

This brush has helped greatly in getting my little grandson's teeth brushed while being amused but the best part of it all is that my son and daughter-in-law will save on huge dental bills down the road as my grandson, Cooper, will be willing to brush his own teeth more often. For the little cost of the SpinBrush, my grandson is happier and more willing to have his teeth brushed. For the most part, the battles are over! I recommend these tooth brushes to all of those moms and dads who are up against children who are unwilling to brush their teeth!