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Top Care Gas Relief Drops

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Jessica NE By Jessica NE on
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When my daughter first started having gas problems I had only heard of the name brand type of gas drops. After buying 3 bottles of it over a 3 week period we decided to look for a store brand version of the gas drops to save some money.

These gas drops are around the same price as the name brand, and maybe even up to $2 less in some cases, but there is one huge difference. The amount of medication in this bottle is about twice as much. That was something I loved! We are still on the first bottle we ever bought and we purchased it about a month ago.

Each bottle of drops come with their own dropper. There are a few differences from the name brand option. These drops do not smell as good and my daughter does not like them as much as the others. They are also a bright pink and they get on clothes and do not come off very easily. If the extra is not wiped off immediately, it will also get pink all around the babies mouth.

They seem to work just as well as the other drops. They do not completely get rid of my child's gas problems but they do help a lot. They do have to be given up to 12 times a day. I would always recommend geting a doctors advice on how often to give the drops.

Overall I would recommend these drops over the others if you are in need of saving money, which I know most people with kids always are. They are a great value!