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Top Notch B Movie? I Think Not..

Reviewing: Brain Damage Films The Great American Snuff Film  |  Rating:
Rob Mooney By Rob Mooney on
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It's stated on various sources, as well as the DVD case that this film is either "Revolutionary" or "redefining". I strongly beg to differ. Whilst it's known that the video quality and sound quality aren't that great (It is a B-movie after all) it's still lacking. The technique which may make the film seem slightly better than the actual qualiity still fails to do so, if you have a decent eye, the same goes for the sound quality. I give the crew credit for how they went about filming, especially considering they weren't trying to make a blockbuster in a B-movie format. It's filmed rather well and the dialogue is pretty funny even when it's not supposed to be. The major problem that I had with it was the narraration. It was so redundant and the voice delivering said narraration was so annoying in my opinion that I couldn't give the film the level of immersion that I usually give any film that I watch. The concept that the film's based on is entirely new and very intriguing. Imean, diary of a serial killer looking to make a snuff film. I had to watch it.

It was one of those films that I thought couldn't possibly be disappointing and given the fact that I've read virtually every review ever made, I thought that it was going to be amazing. To be quite honest though, overall it sucked. To put it bluntly. There are a few pluses though, that I guess make it a better film through elaboration like, the bonus features of interviews and commentary which is pretty rare in a B-Movie. It only recommend this if you're a Horror or snuff collector and even then, it's only value is nostalgic. Especially given it's rare availability.