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Top Paw Cat Kitten Shampoo

Reviewing: Pacific Coast Distributing Top Paw Cat & Kitten Shampoo 10 Oz  |  Rating:
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There is no getting around the fact that my cat hates baths. Cats do a good job keeping themselves clean and shiny, but sometimes I just want to give my cat a bath. There is just something really good about knowing your creature has been soaked in soap and water. My cat comes out with fluffy clean smelling fur and I love the way he looks and feels, even if he doesn't.

When we went to buy shampoo, we wanted a mild formula. We didn't want any harsh chemicals in the shampoo especially since our cat would end up licking himself dry after his bath.

We found this Top Paw Cat & Kitten shampoo in a 10 oz plastic bottle. The bottle says this formula is like baby shampoo, so we felt good thinking it won't sting our cat's eyes if some of the shampoo got in there.

The bottle is plastic, so we didn't worry about glass breaking and it has a nice cap that you can open and close with one hand. That is great because I have to hold the cat down with the other hand.

The shampoo has a nice scent. It smells like pineapples, bananas, and baby shampoo, all mixed together. It is a light scent, so hopefully, it does not bother or irritate my cat.

We only bathe our cats in the summer when it is very hot outside. We are careful not to bring them into the air conditioning when they are still wet. I usually stay outside and sit on the back porch with them and read a book until they dry off.

I rated this shampoo with all fives because I can't find anything wrong with it. We are happy with it.

A really great thing about this cat shampoo is that one bottle will last you years. A tiny amount in your hand with lather up a cat really good. For 4.99, it is probably one of the best pet bargains you will find.