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Topman Hoodies Review

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Jake Traynor By Jake Traynor on
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When it comes to clothing, I'm extremely picky - especially when it comes to hoodies. I like my hoodies to me slim, tight-fitting, but still giving me room to breathe. I also can't stand any writing on my hoodies at all; I just like wearing plain clothing so it can go with any t-shirt or pants.

There are 2 YouTubers I really enjoy watching: charlieissocoollike and nerimon, and the hoodies they were wearing were perfect for me. It took me ages to track down which ones they bought, but I eventually discovered they were from a UK-exclusive store called Topman, which design clothes for slim men. I instantly went to their website (which posts worldwide) and bought a hoodie for £22.00 (which roughly converted $40 AUD) + £9 postage.

When I got the hoodie in the mail (which took about a week or 2 to get from the UK to Australia) it fit rather well. An XS (size guide is on their website) fit me perfectly around the torso, having a tight-ish fit but nothing too constricting. The hood is big enough to fit over my head, and the thick drawstring helps adjust to your liking. The sleeves were the only let down, but that's just because I am extremely picky - they were slim as I like them, but they were a bit long, so they bunch up slightly around my forearms. It's nothing too drastic, though. The wrist part of the sleeves aren't tight at all, but they have enough spring in them to lightly cling to your wrists, so in layman's terms: if you reach for something, only the sleeve will come up and not the back of your hoodie.

Hoodie characteristics:

• 100% cotton.

• Kangaroo-style front pockets.

• Crotch-to-neck zipper (usually a different colour to the actual hoodie)

• Drawstring same colour as zipper.

• Machine washable.

• Tumble-dry compatibility not specified.

• Lightweight.

• Fluffy inside for added warmth.

After about five washes, like most clothes, tend to start losing a little shape - by this, the sleeves get a little baggier around the wrist area, and the material just gets a little less firm. Nonetheless, it has still kept shape very well and the colour has not faded (though to ensure this I suggest drying it inside and out of direct sunlight, especially if you buy a black one).

Overall, Topman have very nice hoodies. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Their website ships worldwide, so UK or not you can get one. If you're a slim man and want a nice looking hoodie, definitely go with a Topman.