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Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

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I was happy to see that Walmart was selling these planters for a reasonable price. I was wanting to try one when I saw them advertised on TV but didn't want to pay shipping and handling. I'm not certain if I chose the right category, I couldn't find anything more appropriate. And an upside down tomato planter is somewhat of a novelty.

This planter hangs from a deck, balcony or patio. The plant comes out through a hole in the bottom and grows upside down. You supply the soil and the seedlings to put into the planter.

My husband and I put it up yesterday. We bought two nice Big Boy tomato plants from Walmart and put them into the planter. The plants were a little larger than I think you are supposed to start with for this particular kind of planter, but they were the smallest Walmart had at the time. Then we filled the planter with soil and watered. The instructions tell you everything you need to know to correctly start your plants and make them thrive. It is somewhat tedious getting the plant stems into the split sponge at the bottom of the planter and then locking the sponge in place so that the plant stays secure. And since I used two plants, it was a little tight for space. But the plants are hanging upside down in our backyard, and I will water when necessary and see what happens. I'm looking forward to having my own tomatoes. I will give an update later in the season as to how my plants are doing and how many tomatoes we get.

The planter seems pretty nice. Time will tell as to whether this really works.

Update On May 29, 2009: I just wanted to update my review on the Topsy Turvy planter. So far the plants are growing great, and I have two little tomatoes starting up. But one strange thing is the fact that my plants, even though they are coming out of the bottom of the planter, are growing up towards the sun. They are not hanging straight down. But as long as I get good tomatoes, it shouldn't be a problem.

Update On Aug 28, 2009: Well, since it's getting near the end of summer, I wanted to add an update to my Topsy Turvy review. This planter turned out to be a major disappointment. I planted two Big Boy tomato plants in this planter. The instructions state that if you want more tomatoes, use two plants. I hardly got any tomatoes at all, and what I did get were tiny cherry tomatoes, they never grew very big. My father used to plant Big Boy tomato plants years ago when he was still alive, and the tomatoes were big and plentiful. Also, since my plants curved up towards the sky instead of growing straight down, I had a very hard time keeping the stalks of the plant from breaking. In fact, one stalk with three little tomatoes on it did break off, and I lost those tomatoes. And during a bad storm one night, the plants were broken even more. I had to take kite string and reinforce both plants. What few tiny tomatoes I did get were delicious, but all I could do is put them in salads, they were too small to cut up and put in sandwiches. I will not be using this planter next season.