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Torchlight By Runic Games

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If you have ever been the least bit interested or have ever enjoyed Diablo, Diablo II, or any other Action RPG then this is a must play game. Runic Games has developed an amazingly enjoyable dungeon crawler experience. The basic idea is that you select 1 of 3 classes (basically a mage, a warrior, or a ranger) and you battle your way through enless hordes of enemies. Your are accompanied by a pet (dog or cat) you will fight beside you and carry some of your loot. You gain skill points, ability points, and spell enhancements as you level up throughout the game. There is an almost infinite variation in the loot/weapons/armor you can find/buy do to a randomization algorithm. There are quests as well that you can complete throughout the game that will advance the storyline, but these quests are not required to be completed to enjoy the game. For free along with the game you can download the developers kit that was used to make the game so you can alter the game and add custom content until your heart is content. There is already a large community of modders producing content you can download online. This Single Player game is a precursor to Runic Games MMO version in development with an expect release approximately 18months from now, which will be free to play with micro transactions.