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Toshiba 42 Rv555 Db Lcd Tv

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When it comes to electrical goods I have never really been into Toshiba. I do know that they produce goods of decent quality and value, but I have never really considered them to be in the same league as the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Samsung whose goods are often seen as more glamorous compared to the more functional Toshiba brand name. So with this in mind I had originally recommended that my parents seek either a Sony or Samsung TV, and was a little surprised when they came home with a Toshiba 42RV555DB 42″ model (although I was pretty impressed with the size!).I have to admit that I do like the size of the TV. I have always been against larger TV screens as I do believe that when a TV screen is too large it can take over the whole living room. My mum had actually agreed with me and it was my dad who was keen on purchasing a TV of this size. But that said, I think that it looks very nice and suits a living room as big the one that my folks have. What I also like about the TV is that it is fairly plain looking and minimalist there are no buttons all over the bottom and instead they are concealed away, which makes the TV look more stylish.

When the TV came on I was very surprised with the picture quality. The screen is excellent it is very clear and flicker free. Colours look sharp and the resolution really is impressive for such a large screen (I was always under the impression that larger LCD TVs have poorer quality, but I stand corrected!).

This TV also has a number of features which enable you to achieve the optimum picture and sound quality (I will get on the sound in a minute). Most of these features can be controlled via the remote control, which is not the easiest to understand at first but is still very functional.

On the negative side I did not find the sound quality particularly impressive. Fair enough, it can get very loud but for me the problem is more around the clarity and refinement of it. The bass is big and the output levels make things such as explosions very enjoyable. But I do net feel that it copes particularly well with the more delicate sounds and sometimes voices are little faint against all of the other lower-end noise which this TV is very good at picking up on. But that said I am sure that I will be able to come across a sound setting which addresses the balance, but it is not immediately obvious.

But overall I do think that this is a surprisingly good TV. It has a great picture quality, it looks great and it is functional all of these features really suit my folks, who are not the most technically literate people around! But I do find the sound to be a bit of a letdown big is not always best, and a little more attention to detail would really do the trick here. And for £700 I do think that it would be worth checking out other models within this price range.