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Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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To start with I'll list the basic computer info not listed to the left:

Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-56 1.80 GHz

Memory (RAM): 1918MB (2gig)

System Type: 32 bit Operating System.

- The processor is near 2 GHz meaning I get crisp/fine images that run at a above reasonable speed for any computer yuser. If you want a computer that is fast you NEED the 2 gigabytes (2 GIG RAM), I abhore 1gig and ask any best buy computer salesmen (or any in general) if its worth paying a little more for the 2gig, YES. The only other thing to look for is possibly a better graphics card, though if you can't tell or know anything about them, then trust me when i say AMD Turion X2 will get the job done (i am very satisifed).

Personal: A majority of my family/friends ending up getting the new HP laptops, which were focused on media and still looked great, along with the fact they had a ton of extra options (really not needed for a normal laptop user). I to had planned on purchasing a laptop within the next 3 months after viewing their laptops (6-7 latops). Problems began to arise with almost all their computers. I know HP has had technical problems, not ones that completely kill your computer (as far as I know) but glitches in the system. A regular customer at my job (who used to work for HP) eventually quit (personal reasons) and then started working for Toshiba. These customers are computer savvy and CONSTANTLY (90% of their time on electronics when at starbucks). He brought Toshiba to my attention, I did my research, I bought one.

Lately: With the amount of programs I download and things i view I am amazed that I have not yet had a problem. The way in which Toshiba's software deals with problems is incredible and simple. I couldn't be more satisfied with a laptop (Unless it had two fans so I could hear the roar when I actually got it runing).

If you want a laptop under $1000 for personal use, I HIGHLY suggest it.

I will soon type another review on programs every internet/computer user should have for protection/simplicity and overall wellfare. (Sometime this february)


Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for good comments/ratings.