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Toshiba Tdm 8360, Smiling Camera

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Last month recently my father give me a TDM-8360 camera as a gift. Actually quite awkward producers also known as notebook products to bring a digital camera, but wish to complete the Toshiba consumer notebook with hardware support their mobility. With this reason they create products that complement called as a "must-have gadgets" as well as Toshiba camera series TDM-8360 8 megapixel resolution. This is the compact camera from Toshiba appear as a complement gadget notebook users. No surprises that is easily visible from the physical camera compared similar products from famous brands. One may only make a unique form of a navigation button that looks like on a phone keypad. Actual LCD screen 3 "in the camera is also quite interesting because it feels relieved views. However the display lighting are too strong and flashy. Similar things happen on the results of a photo with a flash light with the image that is too excessive

To make this camera a sophisticated look, Toshiba apply a technology such as digital photography typical face detection (up to 5 faces at once) to get the texture of the face of natural, anti-shake to prevent blurred images due to hand movement, and image correction due to the red-eye effect.

However, in between a line of features that are already there are plural unique facility called the snap smile that lets the camera automatically for taking time to catch the expression sensor smile someone's face. Is it cute? To activate this system, you must set the Scene Mode setting a smile shot.

Scene mode on the camera is also quite a lot (21), and the funny thing is it have several options that are not common, such as Portrait mode discrimination for men and women's fashion and sprinkling water (splash) and water (flow). Interesting also tried various viewfinder mode is available.

As well as other compact camera, TDM-8360 offers a viewfinder with the ease that only a few manual settings. Our experience, the better the image when using the scene modes that are due to shooting automatic sensors are often less able to catch the right light. Using flash may help.

But for the shooting range this would result in flash photos with the light is too strong (over). In addition to the still images, the camera can also make a video to 30fps, but once again with the reproduction light to be less accurate.

Toshiba presumably raise TDM-8360 as a complement gadgets notebook users because of its players to compete with the popular clearly become a serious challenge. Features and capabilities of this camera is actually interesting, but the quality is still minimal. If you just need a simple camera for documentation, TDM-8360 will not disappoint. But otherwise things happen when you demand quality competitive.