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Total Recall, One Of Arnold's Best.

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Nicholas Harrell By Nicholas Harrell on
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Flash back to the 80s, when Arnold was king, and action movies ruled. This movie came out and blew them all away. It is set in the distant future where people have colonized mares. A man sees ads where you can implant memories in your head of things that never happened. He goes in, says he wants the secret agent mission, and soon after the process begins, he breaks out of the restraints and goes on the run. He soon finds out that his whole life is a lie by the corperation, and he must fight to stay alive and not be returned to the person he once was. His wife turns out to be a paid employee, and everything he knows is a lie. He goes to Mars to find out the secret of all of this. The action in this movie is very unrelentless, and Arnold of course does a great job. Another movie of his that I saw when I was younger, it really got me interested in the world of Mars and outer space travel, so I really feel this is a great movie to open younger teenagers minds to living on other worlds. Plus I loved the storyline as a whole. I would highly recommend this to anyone that hasn't seen it.