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Touch Discover Alphabet Town

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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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I purchased the Vtech Touch and Discover Alphabet Town at my local store a couple days ago. I was actually just waiting for a perscription from the pharmacy for my son. This is the worst time for people to save money especially me. While waiting, we have to venture through the store and then find those "I just got to have it" items. This wasn't even why I'm at the store. "Stop looking around and just wait by the pharmacy with your eyes closed; no shopping." Anyway I was looking at the toys and find an item I just loved for my children. The Alphabet Town is so cool. It is about the size or a little bigger than a laptop. It has a really big attached handle and is red in color. I paid about 24.00 for it. It teaches letters and phonics--town related words and facts ----telling time---twenty six light-up letter buttons--music button with sing a long song--learn to spell with the light up letters---eight exciting activities to explore ( all as listed on the box). This toy is for 3+ years but nowadays kids are learning so quickly that those younger than 3 could benefit from this item. It has an on/off button, crucially important. Some toys do not have an on/off button and play when you walk by them or when you accidentally touch them. I'm beginning to believe some toys are possessed. Vtech has a clock in the left corner to teach time. On the left hand side is a lever to move between activities such as phonics fun-town visit-find it-spelling-counting-clock quiz-light-up the town-and music. The buttons on the front with the alphabet are extra large. I really like this feature! There are decals all around the letters of the alphabet with pictures such as G for Garden and B for Bus. The large buttons light up-really neat. Some examples of activity are: say four letters light up. The child touches one at a time and learns to count. Or the toy will spell out park with one light glowing at a time. The music is "The Wheels on the Bus." The toy also has the child push certain letters to spell say train. The letters come up slowly lit up one at a time to spell the word but the child has to push the buttons. So much learning in this educational toy. Takes three AA batteries and are included. So entertaining too!