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Touch Lamp Desk Size, Black Round Shade Base

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I've purchased several of these desk lamps now, actually there is one in almost every bedroom. They are pretty decent lamps for the price, only $10 per lamp and after putting in an energy efficient bulb in every one (CFL-dimmer acceptable) we can leave the lamps on even when we walk out of the room for awhile without worrying that we are using additional energy needlessly. However, they are so simple to use, that it doesn't take but a second to touch the base or the shade of the lamp to turn it off.

These lamps match a number of different decor styles with a black round shade, black base and accent green glass on the shade and the base of the lamp. The base of the lamp is rounded and the lamp is a good solid one with some weight to it so that it doesn't easily tip over. It's also large enough to sit nicely on a desk top, a side table or even, as we've done, place them on the headboard of the beds. Touching the lamp anywhere once turns it on to the lowest light setting, touch again, it increases the lighting and touch a 3rd time and the light is fully lit.

One of the lamps I purchased at least 4-5 years ago (you can still get these), has stopped working as a touch lamp for some reason, likely the sensor is done, so we just plugged it into one of the light switch outlets that turns on by the light switch and it still works perfectly.

These lamps don't appear to burn through lightbulbs very quickly either. The lamps that we have in the house (there are about 5 right now) have all had the same bulbs for some time and I think I've replaced a total of two bulbs (incandescent when we used those), the entire time we've owned these. All of these lamps now have the twirl CFL bulbs in them and I've had no problem using any of them.

For inexpensive lighting in areas where you don't need a large floor lamp or over head lighting, these lamps are perfect.