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Touch Of Night, By Susan Spencer Paul

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I snatched this book up from my local Dollar General store for $3.00. The back of the book indicates that it is usually $6.99 so I got a deal. I have never read any books by this author before. I did not think this author was exceptional in any way but the book was not bad. I would classify this more as a magical book rather than a paranormal. I really thought the cover of the book was pretty and that was why I picked it up.


My Dearest Reader-

I beg your pardon for unburdening my secrets to you, for I am a man accursed....

I hail from an ancient Welsh clan, descended from magic-some of it dark indeed. For generations we have hidden our powers, acquired great wealth, and entered England's aristocracy. Oh, do not stare at me so! I feel your mocking eyes. You mark my muddy clothes. You think me mad. But once I, Niclas Seymour, was the most eligible bachelor of Regency England!

Then came the blood curse that left me a night-wanderer with no peace. And no hope....except Julia Linley. I can redeem myself through her, or so the Dewin Mawr, the leader of the Families (as we call ourselves), has told me. Now Lady Julia has consented to let me escort her on a perilous journey.

You doubt my words? 'Tis true. This innocent lady believes me to be a gentleman. Yet as we ride into a mist-shrouded landscape of faery realms and evil sorcerers, I feel forbidden urges within me. I want her surrendering to my kiss.

You think me a monster? I ask for your mercy. Magic is a dangerous art, and passion a sword that can cleave a heart in twain. But perhaps love can slay my dark demons, or so I dare to dream...

Your obedient servant,

Niclas Seymour, Castle Tylluan, Wales

My thoughts: This was not the best book I have ever read but by far the greatest. There were parts of the book that were slow, but not slow enough that I had to quit reading it altogether. Nic is an insecure guy who is intrigued by Lady Julia. Julia is interesting and holds powers she does not even know she possesses. Honestly the one thing that bugged me the most was the author's pen name- Susan Spencer Paul- just reminds me of a list of disciples (not that it is a bad thing). I know that is petty but I just do not like it for a pen name.