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Toy Organizer From Target

Reviewing: Do It Yourself Storage Shelf With Bins Primary Colors  |  Rating:
traceyb22 By traceyb22 on
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I bought this organizer a few months to try to contain my sons ever growing collection of toys and books. We had toys in every room our house (still do actually) and lots of small ones with no home...balls, Little People, blocks, cars, books, etc. I thought this would be a great way to store lots of toys. They would have a place to go, but still be easy to see and clean up.

This storage unit has four shelves with colored bins that fit into it. There are 4 large bins and 8 smaller ones and they can be pulled out and moved around. The bins in ours are bright colors, but they also make on with pastel bins. I really like that the bins are open, so that you can see where things are and clean up easily, unless you are really picky about what goes in each bin. I'm not. As long it's not all over my floors, I don't care if the balls are mixed with cars.

I was disappointed when I realized my son would not be able to pull the bins out himself. They are really hard to get in and out once they have toys in them. I think they would work better if there was a little more space between the shelves. He even has a hard time getting toys out sometimes. The space is just too small.

The unit is pretty sturdy. My son's not a climber (yet), but if he does start climbing on them I'd definately want to anchor them to the wall. I don't think they'd tip just from pulling out toys or pulling on the bins, though.

Overall, I'm happy with these shelves. Yes, the design could be a little better, but they get the job done and I have lot fewer toys on my floors to trip over:-)