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Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 G At

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I was given the opportunity to test-drive this a few months ago. So, after filling up a form and presenting my Driver's License, I was given the keys to the All New Corolla 1.6G A/T. The overall styling was impressive and I loved the rear bumber. It gave me the feeling of sophistication. The lines along the body goes really well with the total appeal of the car. Although I did not really like it's front bumper. To me, it lacks character just by a point. I know they did not designed it to be aggressive looking, but I wish they took it a step further. The manufacturer claims that it's roomier than the previous one but I did no notice that. What got my attention was the big dial behind the steering wheel. Unlike its predecessor, this one is much easier to read. I believe they got back to how they did the speedometer more or less 15 years ago which I really liked. I got disappointed, first, when I saw the plastic trimming on the steeringwheel. Simply because it's slippery--read: It's not safe!. Second, is the gated type automatic transmission, I really find it hard to shift because of this. I still have to look at it in order for me to put it in and off the gear and that's not nice. Upon driving the car I immediately noticed that the power was just right for it when you are cruising and the steering was extremly light and I can steer all day just using my smallest finger. The ride was very comfortable, handles corners very well and quiet as I expected in a Toyota. But when I floored the pedal it did not bring out the excitement in me. The 1.6 engine was just not enough. But to my surprise, upon sqeezing the gas pedal, there was an immediate response on the steeringwheel making it heavier to steer for stability high speeds. Although it already has 4 disc brakes, for me, it needs to be improved. But if I was going to make a purchase, I still might consider this over Honda or Mitsubishi. Note: "I might."