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Tracfone Motorola W370

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By mcwoot on
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Tracfone Motorola W370

This phone is something I have had a while and used before my current phone. I wont lie, I loved this phone when I got it. That was before I knew of how good phones could be. This phone falls short of many phones created around the same time.

When I purchased this phone, I was very excited and used the thing constantly. The battery life really is good. Other physical features are not, however. The speaker is very annoying, and will not produce a single quality sound. The keypad was very unresponsive from day one. It is nice that a light activates on the outside of the phone after a text or call. The noise that arrives with these alerts, is not. The buttons on the side of the phone turn a sickly color that I can only describe as coffee brown. The microphone below the keypad attracts dust, food specks, and other small particles. One good thing about the physical appearance of this phone is the screen, which has held together nicely. Most of the physical features of this phone are aggravating and do not last long.

The technical features of this phone are very basic and are almost worse than the physical features. The interface is disgusting, menu navigating is a chore, and the games are boring. This phone has simple features such as an alarm, clock, and a calendar. Basically all phones have these features but it is nice to know that this phone does not lack them. Do not confuse this phone with its, relative the Motorola W376g, which has a camera. Like I said, the technical features are almost worse than the physical features.

Need a cheap phone with double minutes? (Double minutes is a deal with Tracfone that adds double the amount of prepaid minutes on a card.)Buy this phone if you want cheap service, and good reception. This is a great starter phone, and despite the bad aspects, works for its purpose.