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Tracfone Totally Worth It

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nekoneko By nekoneko on
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My mother-in-law got this phone for me for Christmas because she always worries when I'm driving on the highway (Pray For Me, I Drive 93). I've been putting off getting a phone for quite some time now due to the fact that plans are so expensive even when bundled, I'd have to pay a large amount of money as a deposit that I'd never get back because I have no credit history, and I already have a landline that I pay a decent price for.

Now that I have the Tracfone I can have a cell phone handy when I'm out and about. I don't have to worry about how my family can contact me in case of an emergency when I'm out and about.

On average, I've used about 100 minutes per month, no matter what kind of cell phone plan I've had. Sometimes I go over, sometimes I use less. The best thing about Tracfone is that I don't have a certain number of minutes that I HAVE to use before the billing month is up because they'll expire. Likewise, I don't get charged for going over my minutes as I don't have a per-month limit. All I have to worry about is adding more minutes before my 90-day service is expired, thus renewing my service, and that's as little as $20.

The only downside I have come to see with this plan is that there are so few phone models to pick from. They're determined by zip code, so in my area there are really only 3 models available. I'm happy with the model I got, so no complaints here but I can just see tech junkies going nuts.

Update On Feb 23, 2008: Just an update on my experience with this phone. It has a lot of good features (alarm clock, calendar, ring tones, phone list groups, etc.) that I use often. I don't think it has the ability to download additional games or ringtones, but I'm totally cool with that.

The best thing I have to add today: As of earlier this morning I don't have to worry about purchasing airtime until 8/21/08 (90 days from the last airtime purchase date) or 930 minutes (30 of which are leftover from the 210 I got on Christmas day) for $130 (double minutes card and 450 minutes card online). Most companies I've looked at charge you that much for 2 months of service and the minutes don't roll over into the next month.

Update On Apr 03, 2008: y'know, I don't know what happened, but for some reason all of a sudden my screen went screwy. most of the time it's entirely a dark blue - almost black - color. Sometimes it doesn't light up at all. Sometimes I see a brief flash of what it should be showing before it goes to the dark blue. I'd like to get a new phone, but that would mean that I just blew money on a double minutes card and those things aren't cheap. Perhaps I'll find out what's going on. I dunno. Other carriers are trying to get my business so I might consider them.

Update On May 16, 2008: So I finally called customer support about my screen issue. Since it was under the warranty (1 year from purchase or 18 months from date of manufacture) I got it replaced for free AND since the double minutes card was added less than 3 months ago I got that transferred over, too. Customer support was all outsourced (ICK! I hate the concept), but we got it done. One CSR was a bad experience (condescending and rude) and I couldn't understand another (and she didn't transfer the service like she should have), but the original one (who ordered the replacement) and the last one were great and made sure everything was taken care of =)