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Trader Joe's Secrets Of The Psyllium Supplement

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Psyllium is a natural product which is an easy way to add bulk to your diet.

Psyllium is rich in soluble fiber. When you add it to water or juice it turns into a gelatinous substance which pushes food through the intestinal tract.

Trader Joe's Secrets of The Psyllium is made of Blonde Psyllium Seeds.

Trader Joe's Secrets of The Psyllium is reasonably priced compared to similar products in other places.

Ann Louise Gittleman's "Fat Flush Plan" Diet increased the popularity of psyllium because when added to cranberry water, it is used to make the "Long Life Cocktail". The Fat Flush Plan is a low carbohydrate diet which has 3 phases of which each have their own rules - while at first look it might appear to be a bit complicated and rigid, once you get used to it, the program is relatively easy to follow. There is a lot of information about the Fat Flush Plan elsewhere on the web.

Some people have been know to complain that psyllium causes them to feel bloated, or that it makes them uncomfortable in other ways. However, most people seem to experience benefits without having major discomfort.