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Trading Power For Speed

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game reminds me of the episode of Dragon Ball Z where Trunks pumps up his muscles but loses to the android, Perfect Cell, because Trunks sacrificed too much speed to hit Cell in order to become stronger. The Wii Sports Golf game was much faster and simpler than Super Swing Golf: Season 2.

Super Swing Golf: Season 2 has these problems: you cannot skip the computer's turn unless you play Stroke Mode instead of Tour or Match and it takes 15-20 seconds to load. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time waiting instead of golfing. It takes at least 7-12 seconds for your computer opponent to finish swinging his or her golf club for each shot. This golf game could have easily let you skip the computer's turn and have a faster game but unfortunately, it did not.

On a positive note, Super Swing Golf: Season 2 has good graphics and music. I think the putting music especially has a nice feel to it. Unfortunately, you cannot create your own character although you can customize his or her clothes. These clothes can even represent other Tecmo characters, such as Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, in addition to giving your character better stats.

The controls are good; your swing is much more precise and you have more clubs than in Wii Sports Golf. You can swing with as little power or as much power as you want in Super Swing Golf: Season 2 and your goal is to get a perfect swing. If you have difficulty with this, you can switch to a weaker set of golf clubs that gives you a more accurate swing. Putting basically has you compensate for squares on a grid in terms of slopes or distance uphill but I'd prefer it if they gave you a wind meter for it. There are also trick golf balls and shots too.

Although the game looks good cosmetically, its sluggish nature hampers it; the only point of buying Super Swing Golf: Season 2 is if you feel you need more than the 9 holes Wii Sports Golf offers. The minigames in Super Swing Golf: Season 2 are nothing special; driving shots for greatest distance (with special gates that make the ball travel farther), darts, and popping balloons with your swings. You also have a caddie that will give you moral support as you play.

Update On May 25, 2009: I just realized there is a counter-intuitive way of skipping golf shot. A second or 2 after you or the computer hits the golf ball, press A and it will skip the remaining animation for you or the computer. This makes the game play much faster but the camera for the putts can be quite terrible at times, making you sometimes not even see the hole and do guesswork. You also need to master the Pangya (perfect) shot to win towards the end of the game, and you really need to twist your hips when you swing, which the game does not tell you in addition to skipping half the time for those golf animations.

Update On Sep 07, 2009: Unlocking the later stuff (such as the Ninja Gaiden outfit) after you beat the main tour mode becomes nearly impossible as the computer will consistently eagle shots from 200 yards away and/or get holes in one on par 3 shots. I think it also becomes much harder to finish stroke/match play on the higher levels because I think they made it harder to get those perfect swings. This raise in difficulty is not worth enduring solely for some clothes. At least the difficulty started off fairly.