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Trainer's Edge: Long Lean Yoga W Baron Baptiste

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lynlyn By lynlyn on
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I like Baron Baptiste. I think he's an aquired taste, in the sense that he grows on you after a while and then a workout seems weird without his lilting voice. It's almost like, "Wait, I can't move. Where's Baron?"

That said, I do expect him at any moment to burst out with "Hey dude, surf's up!" There is something both comforting and a little silly about the way he talks. He's like a mix of stoned surfer and sensitive new age guy, except he's a little too familiar with those sexy yoga models to be a truly sensitive new age guy.

In his earliest videos I couldn't even do the yoga I was laughing so hard at his vocal inflections, but he worked through that period to a nice balance between silly and soothing.

One of the reasons I stick with Baron Baptiste videos is that he has a gift for explaining yoga poses in a way that helps you understand them on a body level. It's one thing to see a model do a move; it's another to know when you've got it right without an instructor in the room to tell you. Baron throws in little tips and descriptions, often different in each video, that eventually give me that "aha!" sensation that I'm holding the pose correctly.

Long and Lean Yoga is an intense Power Vinyasa Yoga workout, one of his more difficult ones. It's about an hour long, and he works all the major muscle groups hard. I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner or anyone who hasn't already been working out for a while. His explanations are clear enough that there's no need to have a familiarity with yoga to get a lot out of this dvd, but it would likely be too hard to get through for someone just starting an exercise program. A better video for a beginner is his half hour "Journey into Power Level II"

Overall, I recommend Trainer's Edge Long and Lean Yoga to anyone who wants a workout that will tone their entire body while increasing flexibility and aiding relaxation at the same time. A power yoga practice has a lot to offer, and it helps to learn it correctly from a good teacher. If you're easily put off by people who say cheerful things like, "Always happy in the pose!" sample it first to make sure he doesn't cross your perkiness boundary. He steps over mine sometimes, but it's good for a giggle and then back to the workout.