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Tramontina Pasta Cooker

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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I had a pan that was great for cooking pasta but when it got old and started allowing food to stick I decided to go shopping for a new pasta pot. While in WalMart I saw a pot and I thought it looked like about the right size so I picked it up to see who makes it and it turns out it’s a Tramontina pot. I have used these pans before and when properly used and taken care of they are pretty good pots and pans.

This pot was the Tramontina Pasta Cooker with Lock and Drain Strainer. It’s a three piece cooker. There is the pot, the glass lid and the insert that fits inside the top of the pan and locks in place. The reason for the insert is when the pasta is done you can drain it through the insert which has small holes in it on one half of it. The other half of the insert has a big hole in it for pouring out the pasta so you don’t have to try to take out the hot metal insert. This is a 6 quart pot. It's teflon coated.

Overall this pot is a good pasta cooker. The one flaw in the design of the pan is that the handles are partially covered in rubber not completely covered in rubber. The reason for covering the handles with rubber is so that you don’t burn yourself when taking the pot from the stove to the sink to drain the water out of the pot. Instead there is an oval shaped portion of the handle that is not covered and the handle gets really hot. I would WARN everyone to use potholders or something to protect one’s hands when dealing with any hot pan or pot. Also this is a rather small pot for pasta- suitable for cooking for smaller groups of people.

Warranty gets a low rating simply because I failed to look to see if there is a warranty on it.