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Transfigure The Woman's Gym!

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By Holly Francis on
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Ladies... Ever been to a men's gym, where the men sweat bucket loads, and oggle at us girls?

It's a daunting experience for a single woman who just wants to work out, and lose a few pounds. We're already feeling uncomfortable and not very confident with our bodies... the last thing we need is to go into a sweat box and be stared at by big burly muscle machines!

I took a stand two months ago.. there's a gym in town that a friend recommended to me. She told me it was a lively, yet lovely experience. The mood was upbeat and the best thing of all... it was ALL WOMEN!

I checked it out for the first time with a work colleague, and we both ended up signing up there and then. The gym group is called Transfigure. They have beauty salons in-built in the gym where you can pamper yourself after a long hard session too! Perfect!

The personal trainers create a personal programme to tailor-fit your goals and ambitions. I told them what I wanted to achieve, and they told me what I needed to do and went around the circuit with me explaining how to use all of the machines to the best I could.

They then take all of your measurements... legs, arms, stomach, bust and waist.. recording everything from weight, blood pressure, heart rate etc so you can check on your progress whenever necessary.

Since being at the gym for nearly two full months, I have lost nearly FIVE kilograms!! This being four half-hour sessions a week, plus a couple of 'powerplate' sessions.

I am sure if you all try it out, you will be just as impressed as I am. The girls are lovely, and all know you by first name... and again, the best thing about it all, is you get to be comfortable for the duration of your visit!