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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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Love this movie, being a girl I thought that it be boring and more of a guy movie but it turned out to be really cool. The story line is very interesting and exciting there are no dull moments in this movie. It has a little bit of a love story in it as well.

Shia LaBouf plays Sam Witwicky and it starts out with him and his dad going to find him a car and his dad pulls into a BMW car dealership and he thinks he has hit the jackpot until his dad drives around the corner to this old beat up camaro. Well, needless to say he comes to find out that it is the coolest car ever. It is one of the Autobots in the movie. It turns into the all new chevy Camaro awesome car!!!!

He basically throught the movie learns that his grandfather years ago discovered the evil Decepticons and it sets off a change reaction that they want to destroy earth and take over and the Autobots have to try and save it. And the only thing that is in the way is this cube that the evil decepticons have to have to finish the earth. So, Sam (Shia laBouf) has to keep them from getting it.

This movie has awesome action andefcts sequences that I have seen in a long time. It doesn't have very many extra features on it though. it's rated pg-13 and runs about 143 minutes.