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Transformers 2007

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By hiyruu on
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Transformers (2007), directed by Michael Bay, was a let down for diehard Transformers fans, albeit still a good flick.

Gone are most of the original Transformers from the series, with the exception of a few (Bumblebee, Optimus, Megatron, Jazz, Starscream), and in their place are new ones with names of older transformers but with different vehicle forms and personalities.

However, with all the differences, there are still awesome moments in the movie which make it good. Most of these moments are simple homages to the original series, and the absolutely gorgeous special effects.

The plot, like most of Bay's movies, is incredibly easy to understand and connect to, most likely to draw in the younger audience.

The special features on the DVD are interviews, historical trailers, public service announcements from the original series, and scene selection. Also, if the DVD was purchased from Target, a special DVD case and comic book focusing on the Decepticons were included, and if purchased from Wal-Mart, a special animated comic book was included on the disc.

Overall, Transformers is a must buy for the fans (just to see the awesome recreations of the live-action Transformers) of the series and action/sci-fi movie fans in general.