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Transformers 2007 Movie

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avatarfan By avatarfan on
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While I'm not a fan of the original Transformers series, having never really heard of it as a child, and what I did hear of it didn't really get me interested. Anyway, while I'm not a fan of the original series, I found this movie VERY enjoyable. The first time I saw the trailer, I was immediately interested, and having Shia Labeouf instantly makes me want to find more about this movie. That wasn't all, the idea of giant robots that could disguise themselves as relatively ordinary things is definitely an interesting concept. The idea that if you pass some average looking car on the road, you could actually have passed some super advanced intelligent robot is just cool. I found every scene including the transformers just awesome. The special effects are simply spectacular and this movie actually has a good plot and characters to back it up, so if you're worried that this movie is simply a bunch of pretty computer images, worry no more. The main character (played by the talented Shia) is perfectly relatable as an average teenager, although his clumsiness around his love interest seems a bit over the top. Also, it's just a nice idea to take a perfectly average person and thrust them into an amazing situation. I must say, I think I saw a reason for this movie's relatively mixed reviews. I and my mother loved the movie, neither of us having watched the old series, and then I talked to two of my friends about it, one loved it, the other disliked it. The one that loved it hadn't watched the old series, and the one that disliked it had. Maybe this is a disappointment to fans of the old series, however newcomers to the franchise seem to be more likely to enjoy this movie. Either way, I can only give you my own opinion which is, this movie is one of the best movies I've seen this year, and possibly the year before that.