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Transformers As It Was Meant To Be Seen

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By tjenkins602 on
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1984, a show about alien robots which changed into various disguises (cars, planes, jets) debuted. Almost 2 years later, in the summer of 1986, they got a theatrical release. Transformers the Movie differs greatly from its TV show predecessor in that while the TV show was fairly lighthearted, the movie was heavy and dark. New characters were introduced, older characters were killed off.

A planet that eats other planets is headed toward cybertron. The autobots and decepticons must band together to stop it.

This film was met with public backlash for its heavy tone. The backlash was so heavy that Marvel and Sunbows next animated release had to be toned down to avoid more backlash.

The 20th anniversary DVD presents the first ever release of the widescreen version of Transformers the movie since its theatrical release. It also features a full screen version of the movie. Many people complain that the widescreen version is just a fullscreen version with black bars added. But I noticed that there is actually more picture on the sides in the widescreen version than in any video release. I've compared the FHE release, the Rhino release, the 20th anniversary fullscreen and the widescreen and the widescreen does have more picture. (barely though ) The picture on the widescreen is completely remastered, (every reel this time) but it has a somewhat bleached look which actually dates the picture a little worse than the Rhino release. The sound, we have the original dolby stereo soundtrack in 2.0 stereo. (this same track was in 5.1 on rhino DVD) and a new 5.1 mix which is not all that great.

The DVD has a whole bunch of extras. It has a look at the (then) upcoming Transformers Live Action Movie. It features commentaries, documentaries, trailers and TV spots.

The trailers and TV spots are interesting in the fact that they aren't the ones that are widely available on internet. The trailer for instance is a rare trailer in the fact that it is like a short version of the publicity reel that showed a whole bunch a scenes that didn't make it to the final cut. The publicity reel is also availabvle on the DVD but you only get to hear the audio commentary. This trailer is basically a 1 minute version of the 4 minute publicity reel with a piece of the final release soundtrack.

The TV spots are also rare. They are 2 TV spots but recopied with different dates. (coming soon, now playing, etc.) One is a 30 second spot, the other is a 1 minute spot that is almost identical to the well known theatrical trailer (not on disc interestingly enough)

Overall The Transformers (1986) DVD pleases in more ways than it disappoints.