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Transformers: Convoy No Nazo For Famicom

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At first glance I was overjoyed to see this game. This was the first Transformers game I ever saw. The box art looked promising. I saw Ultra Magnus and the box looked great. So i decided to pop this in a family computer and give it a try.

The family computer by the way was available in Japan and is their version of The Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was never released for the NES and wasn't released in America. Its a good thing too. I'm sure you wouldn't like this game too.

The game lets you use Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime's close friend and battle through ten levels of Decepticons and strange insect like creatures.You will encounter jetswhich resemble Starscream and Tanks which resemble Blitzwing. At the end of the stages, you will encounter a bos. the bosses are the following:

Stage 1 - Cybertron Moonbase

Stage 2 - Cybertron Moonbases

Stage 3 - Decepticon Insignia A

Stage 4 - Decepticon Star Ship Nemesis

Stage 5 - Gestalt Menasor

Stage 6 - Decepticon Insignia B

Stage 7 - Gestalt Bruticus

Stage 8 - Decepticon Insignia C

Stage 9 - Giant Megatron

Stage 10 - Trypticon

The game had a lot of potential but the makers made it too difficult. It was hard to transform and to aim. To compound the problem, you could be killed in one hit. You also got swarmed with a barrage of enemies in each stage. The graphics and sound were bad too. The game had a chance but was not well made. I would not recommend this game. It is one of the worst games of all time.