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Transformers Kite By Skydelta

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Transformers Kite - by Skydelta Me and my son were out in are front yard and this was about 2 years ago but I still remember we were watching all the kids across the street at the park and they were flying kites. My son was amazed at the kites and he just watched as the kites sat in the sky just staying up and some of the kites would do a flip way up high but when a kite started to slowly glide down that's when my son would start jumping and yelling "It, s going to crash!".

The next day we went out and got my son a kite and we had to get him a Transformer kite because he was and is still into Transformers. When we got home my son and his dad went to the park and we also got are sons cousin a kite but it was a Spiderman kite and later on my sons cousin got to join them at the park.

I walked over to the park and started to take pictures and the nice thing was that they had the park all to there self's and the sky was all there's. It was funny to watch the kids and my husband running around to try and help both of the kids with there kites. I think my husband had more fun than my son because he used my sons kite more and was doing tricks with the kite. He would get the kite way up in the sky and then tug on the string real fast in one direction and the kite would do a flip and then he would tug the string again real fast in a different direction and the kite would do some other movement. My son would try to do what his dad did when he got to fly the kite but the darn thing would just start to glide down and soon we would have to start telling my son to run just so he could get the kite back up in the air but it would hit the ground. My son got discouraged and soon gave up and just ran around and watched his dad fly the kite.

It was a fun day and my son got to fly the kite 2 more times on two different days but after that the kite got a rip and the string got all tangled up but that was my sons fault due to the fact he would not take care of the kite the way he should have and it had nothing to do with the company who made the kite.

The kite was made by Skydelta and I would by a Skydelta again. The kite was easy to put together and easy to use. I do not know anything about kites but I feel we got a good kite and it was not that much money. We paid $5.99 for the kite we got are son and we paid the same amount for the kite that we got for my sons cousin.