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Trauma Center: New Blood For The Nintendo Wii

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Trauma Center is a challenging game that puts the player in the role of a surgeon.


The graphics are pretty much what is necessary for a game like this. The insides of human beings are potrayed well and easy to distinguish (well, for gameplay that is. i'm sure it's not completely accurate). The artwork is pleasent and everything seems to flow pretty well. It's not mind blowing or anything, but it looks fairly decent.


The gameplay feels more like a series of fast paced mini-game type thing. It doesn't get very technical. It's all about quick responses and movements of the Wii controller. One bothersome thing about the game is it feels like it is designed for two players. This is fine but the difficult does no scale when you are only playing with one person. That being said.. the gameplay feels A LOT better when you have a 2nd player with you.


The voice overs and quality of music are pretty good. There are a couple of voice overs that seem a little off.. but overall it is pretty solid. The music sounds almost like a TV Show about tTrauma surgery would.. it can be a bit moody but picks up the pace when the action goes down.


The game has a lot of replayability thanks to all of the added challenges. They are not necessisary to the main game but add a lot more gameplay. This game WILL wear out it's welcome unless you have two players. Most people will probably find it too hard as one player unless they move the difficulty down to easy. If you feel you really need a challenge then play this game by yourself.


For some reason the fun level of this game really kicks up when you have a second player. The previous games in this series have always been one player. This is funny because in this game two player feels so right.

Overall it is a solid purchase. If you are a casual gamer who admits they are not very good at videogames however you may have some serious issues regarding difficulty.