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Travian Travian Review

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By Mike Johnin on
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Travian is one of best browser simulations games, it was best in review 2006. year! I started to play at the end of 2007. nad I played at travian.com server 3.when i was registering for first time, I took romans, because they sounded most exciting! And they were most exciting fo me since I was begginer! Through time i understanded that teutons are most powerfull tribe, and if you want to be good at statistics, you have to spend lots of time online at this game! After some time I meet some good friends at travian, who helped me to score my bestest score! I was at 4th place, in the end of the server, with my teutons tribe, I had 17 villages, and about 40 000 population in all my villages! My alliance owned the natarian tribes, and took world wonder from them, and build it to lvl 100, .Than server restarted because we won that age on that travian server!I was lucky because I had good alliance, and really good friends! Travian is very good game, but after all, it yust takes a loads of time, you need at least 3 hours per day, or even more if you want to be good in statistic!

But if you want to play for fun, travian is best online strategy game!

And you can play it yust with your internet browser!