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Trendnet Wireless N Usb Adapter

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For the last several months I've been attached to the internet via an umbilical cord, otherwise known as an ethernet cable. Given that my mode of internet travel is via a laptop there really isn't any reason why I should be without mobility, after all my 2 year old laptop is equipped with AMD Turion64 mobile technology. Alas, the laptop is dying bit by bit and one of the first things to go on it was the one thing that I really wanted - my wireless connection.

Unfortunately the Wireless adapter card that I used for almost 3 years with my Dell before handing it over to my oldest daughter, although still working flawlessly cannot be used with this particuar laptop which doesn't come equipped with a wireless card adapter slot. Until today I was stuck in one location unless I wanted to forgo the use of the internet altogether.

I decided that given our trek to the cottage is in less than a week, it was time to decide whether or not I wanted to become part of the mobile crowd again or simply just shlep my laptop with me sans net capability. I decided that given everyone else who will be vacationing with us will be net bound at one point during our stay there, it wasn't fair that I would have to play solitaire for want of something better to do while everyone else surfed merrily along the cyber highway. What it boils down to is that I didn't want to feel that the reasonably new laptop I own and paid good money for isn't capable of keeping up with the Jones's of 5 year old vintage.

So out I went in search of the ultimate wireless dongle! What I came back with was a sleek, quick to setup and fast to use WiFi USB adapter that fits nicely into one of my laptop's 2.0 USB ports or if I wish I can easily connect it to my hub with the usb extension adapter that came with it. Setting up the wireless network access via the software that came with the adapter was a simple matter of crossing my fingers and hoping that my DVD reader, which is also caving, would operate long enough to allow me to install the drivers. Fortunately the laptop actually cooperated this time around.

Our oldest son manages our network and so I handed the adapter to him and said 'your magic kind sir!' In less than 3 minutes the software was installed and the adapter was configured. The little computer icon with the wireless bars came to life and voila, I was once again a part of the'real' mobile network!

Trendnet has been around for a few years now but it hasn't been until fairly recently that they've been making inroads into the wireless network arena, all it has taken is a number of satisfied clients. I am now one of them.

On many of the other Wireless USB adapter packages the Companies recommend a Wireless n compatible router to ensure proper operation. Almost all recommended that your adapter be of the same make as your router. In my case there were only a few stores in the area that were carrying the Netgear wireless USB adapters and none of them had the wireless n (draft) in stock. I wasn't really willing to wait a few weeks for an order to come in so I took the chance that Trendnet would work with my Netgear router. It did and it has been working beautifully. Wireless n is a backwards compatible protocol which means that it will play nicely with routers/modems that are 802.11b/g with very little if any degradation evident in signal strength or quality of speed.

I've not noticed any lag time at all, the internet is responsive and quick and except a slight delay after my laptop has been in hibernation while it acquires signal strength, I am extremely pleased and very happy to be able to move around again. The 4 walls of my bedroom despite its large capacity, was starting to drive me a little stir crazy at times. I haven't as yet tested out the range of the device but I'll be doing that shortly and will update on just how far I'm able to traverse away from the confines of the house completely before I lose touch with the router. My previous laptop/wireless card was capable of keeping me connected while in the back yard which is yards away from the router, as well as in the front yard so I expect at least the same level of connectivity from this product.

I'd recommend this wireless adapter as a solution for anyone who wants to have wireless capabilities without a large cost outlay. No longer does your laptop or desktop need to be tied to a wire with this product and locating either in any area of your home/office or while travelling is a simple matter of installing a driver and connecting the device to your computer, configuring your IP address and security and basically you're good to go. Of course wireless capable routers are necessary in order to achieve wireless capabilities but with the Trendnet USB adapter the concern that all devices are of the same brand, in my opinion, doesn't have to be a main one.

Quality product from what I've experienced so far and although I wasn't certain whether it would play nicely with my HP laptop and the Turion64 technology as it only indicated compatibility with Centrino, I am pleased to report that so far, everything is perfect!