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Tre Semme Restorative Shampoo Excellent Damage Control

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Thank goodness for a product that does what it says it does. TreSemme Severe Damage Restorative shampoo saved the day! Picture this! An 18 year old, a box of bleach, a box of hair dye and a head of dark hair. Now, imagine the hair bleach not quite doing its job and turning said 18 year old's hair rather orange in spots. Further, imagine the 18 year old going ahead and dying this orange mane only to discover it now looks blondish, brownish, orange!

Yes indeed you may have already guessed that this little scenario was followed by yet another trip to the drug store and more hair dye and bleach! Oh no! By the time my daughter had finished this latest coloring episode her hair was parched! Sandpaper felt softer! What to do?

Obviously, head to a store that could provide the best in restorative shampoo and conditioner! TreSemme seems to have been the perfect choice!

Cost-wise this shampoo is an excellent deal even at the regular price. The bottle we purchased was a large Red 950ml bottle, and has lasted through a number of shampoos both for my daughter as well as most of the other kids in the family. The scent of this shampoo is so fresh and inviting that I literally followed my daughter around one day just to take in the aroma that was coming from her head! This shampoo offers an absolutely divine scent and lingers for awhile after washing - no perfume is necessary when you wash your hair with this product and people will be asking you the name of your scent and where you got it, I almost guarantee it.

So, how does it actually work for the hair you might ask...and so I will tell you in one single word. Awesome!

I have used some pretty expensive repair solutions on my hair in my time but I have to say that nothing has ever repaired damaged or overly processed hair quite the way TreSemme has done and it even works quite well on hair that is regularly straightened with a flat iron. With one shampooing (and of course the follow up of TreSemme Conditioner) my daughters parched, dry and brittle hair was once again restored to a beautiful, shiny mane with only the slightest indication that she had just bleached and dyed it literally to death.

After two shampoo sessions my daughters hair was once again pretty revitalized and as she has used this shampoo her hair has become more and more lustrous and healthy looking even with the almost daily use of a flat iron.

Even at $7.99 this shampoo is an absolute deal and definitely worth purchasing if you are facing damaged hair that needs tender loving care quickly.

I'd highly recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants to return their over processed hair to its original (or better) condition.