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Trigger Point Pro Effective And Much Cheaper Than A Massage

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Back pain has been a problem for me for years. About a year ago, I developed a new problem in the upper back, shoulders and down one arm. I tried acupuncture and chiropractic, which both helped to some extent, but I wasn't getting the relief I was seeking.

A few months ago, I began seeing a massage therapist. She really works my muscles and has brought me much relief, but the problem is still there. I feel better for a few days, then the muscles begin to throb again. They are in an area that I can't come close to reaching and have had to just live with the throbbing pain. Until now.

After getting my last massage, my therapist showed me this weird looking tool. It looked like a cane, but with a few points sticking out with knob-type ends. I had no idea what it was. She began to use it on herself to show me what it did, but I wasn't overly impressed. Then she had me try it. I was blown away as soon as I got it on my first pressure point. Not only does it press the knotted muscles, but you can control the amount of pressure you want and move it from place to place. The feeling from the tips is very similar to that of thumb pressure on your trigger points.

The Trigger Point Pro has only been part of my life for 3 days and I'm totally sold on it. I had throbbing shoulders last night and again tonight. I used the "stick" for a few minutes in each spot and the throbbing lessened considerably.

This product can also be used on your chest, arms, lower back and even your feet. It has instructions that show some specific areas, but you can find out for yourself where to use it as you move it around. You'd be surprised at how many tender pressure points are in the human body. I had no clue until my therapist began working on me and she found spots I didn't know existed.

This product will definitely pay for itself. I had already cut down on the frequency of my massages since they are not covered by insurance. This will buy me more time between visits. Just spreading it out one extra week will more than pay for this item.

Update On Sep 12, 2009: My original review was written 5 months ago and I had only used the Trigger Point Pro for 3 days and I was already impressed. It has now been 5 months since I began using it and for me, it has been nothing short of miraculous. I use it almost every day, sometimes twice if needed. My arm pain is almost completely gone and if my shoulders feel tense, I use this and within a short time, I feel better. I often have muscles in my back that throb, especially late in the day. I use this in the evening and when I wake up in the morning, the pain is gone. This never happened before, so I am totally certain that the improvement in my pain level is due to this device. I have not had massage therapy for 4 months, yet I feel less pain now. The Trigger Point Pro has paid for itself many times over. I just wish I had found one years ago.