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Triple Sonic Technology 3 D Matrix? Firm Me Up!

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I have to tell you that I am 34 and I do not have saggy skin...just a little bit of fine lines and the beginning of expression lines...and an extreme paranoia of GETTING saggy and wrinkley! So when I used this, my intent was more prevention than trying to get rid of anything that I already had going on. I'm REALLY glad that I did try this because once again I was surprised by the results...I guess I did need it.


They say that women 30 years old or older experiencing facial sagging/a loss of facial definition will see benefits.

Avon claims that this is their "most effective lifting cream ever" So far it's the best of 6 firming creams (all different brands) that I have tried. Avon also says that it is "formulated to fortify damaged tissue with new collagen...and that in just " 3 days, you will see tighter, firmer, more lifted skin" (most women)

Anew Clinical Thermalift is supposed to be the at home answer to a dermatologist's Thermal Face Lift, a procedure that uses radio frequency waves to tighten skin and renew collagen.


Exclusive ultrasonic stressed yeast and other natural extracts combine to help tighten the connections between skin's layers.

It is Also formulated with hydrolyzed plant protein and other natural tightening agents to form a 3-D matrix on your skin.

The actual ingredients list is huge...if you would like to see the entire list. you can go to Avon.com it is posted there as well as a more indepth description of the super sonic formula.


Now I don't know about you but that just sounds like a video game or movie rather than a face cream...Ultrasonic?..3d Matrix?? All I know is that it works!

This comes in a 1floz jar. It is a cream but it is VERY light. Not heavy, greasy or oily feeling. It goes on and massages in easily.

Directions say to apply to face and throat after cleansing .They suggest using it 2 times a day- both AM & PM. For best results. AND of course avoid your eye area.

You can use your moisturizer over it. I just wait a few minutes to let it absorb. It does not interfer with make up application.

There is a light floral fragrance. I find the smell pleasant, and it does not hang around long which I like.

So...they claim you can see results in just 3 days and I have to say that I did see results in 3 days. Even though the firming cream I had been using before this gave me results...this one gave me better results. My Throat area is where I notice the firming and lifting the most. My skin looks more smoothed out and feels a lot firmer. My face wasn't saggy, but this helped to smooth out the expression lines and the fine lines that were there. I didn't need much firming but the skin on my face does feel firmer. I have stopped looking for a better firming cream (for now..) and I just use this everyday. I never got any kind of irritation...no burning or tingling like some of the products that have retinol in them (This does not have retinol in it)

Of course your Avon Rep will have this product... The regular price for this baby is $32.00 for a 1floz jar. That's a months supply, it is a little expensive but if you want to try it before buying it, ask for a sample! Avon also has a weeks supply you can buy as well..then you will know if it's for you. Another option is EBAY!! I scored and got the full size jar for $5.99 a couple weeks ago. Be sure to ask for expiration dates if you ebay it!

Over all I really like this product and think it's one of the few firming products that actually does what it says it will do with results you can see and feel.!