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Triple The Modes, Triple The Fun!

Reviewing: Tdk Mediactive Robotech: Battlecry  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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In this game you play as an original and charismatic character, not from any of the animes, called Jack Archer. He has a witty, snarky attitude and is a pilot of these robot Veritechs that can transform into 3 different modes. You fight the alien Zentraedi. The modes are the Battler (standard robot), Guardian (half robot, half jet) and Fighter (jet). The 3 modes have their own uses, with the Battler for sniping, Guardian for grabbing objects/rescuing people while having light missiles, and Guardian for missile bombardment and quickest travel. Robotech Battlecry takes place in the anime's Macross Saga and you will see a couple of familiar faces like Roy Fokker or Lisa Hayes. There are 2 flaws in this game. One boss fight is nearly impossible until you find a blind spot that she can't attack you in and you have to snipe her a lot of times. The other flaw is that the defensive Veritechs are worthless; you need to trade attack for defense in this game as they'll take forever to kill enemies (think of the Seal class I mentioned in my Alien Syndrome review).

Other than that, the game is great. The graphics look great with cel-shading and the soundtrack is good too. You can try to get emblems to unlock more things such as Veritechs and 2 player levels.