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Triplus Fineliner Pens Great For Artwork

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I have at least 3 packages of the 12 pack of these pens and two of the 24 package. These are 0.3m fine tipped ink pens in a range of colors including yellow, purple, blue, green, red, yellow, black, brown, etc.

I sometimes like to do watercolor and ink renderings and these pens are fine tipped enough that I can get just the right amount of ink down to create some very nicely shaded effects using nothing more than a stippling, hatching or cross hatching technique.

The inks dry quickly and don't smear when I apply watercolors and I've found that if I use the right eraser technique and eraser abrasion, I can also lift the ink off if I should lay down marks that I later decide aren't exactly the way I want them. The ink doesn't remove completely but I have been successful in lightening the applied marks enough to be able to either go over them again in a more suitable color or use a different medium in their place.

These pens are excellent in my opinion, for anyone who loves to doodle or create artwork where color pen is necessary. These come in packages of 6, 12 and 24 colors and are housed in a sturdy plastic case with a flip open top that snaps shut to securely seal the pens for safe keeping.

Each pen is also color coded with a color lid and white with colored lines down the length of the cartridge for very easy identification. The colors of the lids are very close to the colors of the inks.

For just $10.99 for 12 pens these are far cheaper than purchasing the Micro Pens separately but they work just as well as the more expensive pens and I actually prefer these. They lay down fine lines smoothly and without skipping or blotting.

I recommend these pens to anyone who loves doing pen and ink work or even if you just like writing in color!