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Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

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With the new Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice, you can test your knowledge on different topics such as history, movies, myths & heroines, travel and adventure, fads & fashions, sci-fi & fantsasy and if that's not enough there's 100 mini- categories more. This is an adult game geared for 2-36 players. The handheld game system requires three 1.5 AAA batteries which are not included. If you want an additional 1, 000 questions you need to register at mytpchoice.com. Other than that, the game is pretty self- explanatory. You press the answer bar to play the game. The mini categories will soon appear on the screen. To see a question, press the chosen category button. You need to read the question out loud to the player whose turn it is. If you want to see the answer, just select the answer bar. To see the question again, press the answer bar again. Press any category button to return to the six mini categories. You can play the game with or without a time. There's an easy option and a hard option within the game. In the easy option, you have 45 secs. per question. In the hard option, you have only 25 secs. per question. You need to roll the die to decide who will go first in the game. The highest number rolled will go first. When its your turn, you need to roll the die. Move according to the number you got on you die. When you finally land on a spot, answer a question. If you answer the question correctly, roll the die and its your turn again. As long as you get the answers correct, you can keep rolling and moving across the game board. Don't forget to place a matching colored scoring wedge into your token if you answer the question correctly. Now, if you get the question wrong, the player to your left goes next. In order to win the game you need to have won a scoring wedge of each different color and you also need to make your way back to the center space. In order to win the game you need to answer a final question. The other players decide the question for you. If you answer the question correctly, you win the game. This game can be quite addicting to play. I like the fact that you can always change the questions with a touch of a button or even by downloading different questions from the trivial pursuit website. The old- fashioned way of playing Trivial Pursuit has been updated with a take it anywhere game system that is portable enough to fit in your jeans. Forget about playing Trivial Pursuit on cards, play Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice instead.