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Trojan Enz Condoms

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Everyone is told, "use protection." That's it. I've never head anyone say, "Use brand X, they are really good, " or, "Don't use brand Y, they'll get her pregnant in no time!"

So, I went by what evidence I had. The pill is probably the best, butthat's not always avaliable. I had a friend who's girlfriend forgot her pill ONCE and got pregnant. That's one pill, out of the 31 you take in a month. And if you forget one of those, your not likely to think about it later in the week, or next week.

So, condoms it is, they are easy to carry around, and not that expensive. Easy to put on, instantly effective. The pill can take up to a month to go into effect.

Yes, they are lubricated, and they're lubricated well! They will dry out a bit really fast if you don't use them, but why wouldn't ya'?! ;)

I have never had a negative experience with one. I've never even found one in "bad packaging." Being paranoid as I am, if I saw even the slightest defect in the packaging, I'd throw it out and grab the next one.

I certainly will recomend these to those who need them!

On a side note, little known fact I find sometimes; keeping rubbers in your wallet is a VARY VARY BAD IDEA. The friction of the wallet moving every time you sit down, or move in your seat slides the packaging over the condom over and over again. This weakens it and makes it more prone to breaking while in use. This is true for ANY condom!!! Not just Trojans!